Meeting Point 4 – Valencia –

EMFFS-in-ValenciaMeeting Point and Final Festival Valencia

After two years of collecting songs, stories and desires the Ministry found its Grand Finale: From 10th till 15th of February 2015 the EMFFS presented 15 events dealing with favourite songs.

 EMFFS Final Festival in Valencia!


Press Conference and Public Presentation EMFFS



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Sanctuary – a tribute to childhood and the power of belief and imagination

Traktorfabriek – Public reading

IMG_4164 IMG_4161 3_2_TraktorfabrikTF2  The staged reading of Traktorfabriek reunited the ever present subject of war with absurd humor in a fascinating excerpt for three actors in an electro-accustic space

Sala de Espera

  1 Sala de Espera_viernes_006_Foto_Cecilia Cristolovean 2 Sala de Espera_viernes_005_Foto_Cecilia Cristolovean 3 SALA DE ESPERA_Foto_Cecilia Cristolovean_Friday_002

Street Karaoke Jukebox


A strange machine – a living jukebox – appeared on the streets and plazas of Valancia. It’s a music- and funmaker and invites everyone to join in.

Network Meeting

  IMG_4086 IMG_4080 IMG_4100

In a shared meeting space different players from the local cultural scene in Valencia and the ministers as representatives of their international organizations presented their activities and hooked up for future collaborations

Los Lieblingslieder de Valencia

  thursday_027 thursday_035 thursday_054

The outcome of an public writing workshop hosted in collaboration with Centro Aleman was presented at Sala Off

Performances by students of teatro OFF

h_012 h_013hamlet_078

Hamlet is a show-journey through the eyes of the Prince of Denmark. It uses different favourite songs as a vehicle to strengthen the drama