Meeting Point 3 – Giuncugnano, Tuscany,

Meeting Point tuscanyMeeting Point Toskana – Pathes and (Music)-Pieces of memory 

From 28.8. to 2.9.2014 this meeting point  takes place in Tuscany organized by the Associazione Cillartenatura e Cultura. The exact location is a former farm, with an old „palazzo“ a „piazza“ and several gently renovated former stables, today converted to lodges in the village of Giuncugnano in the Valley of Garfagnana, Province Lucca.

The Meeting Point will be organized by the „Associazione Cillarte e Cultura“ and will serve to interlink the participant artists and institutions with italian artists especially of the Regions Tuscany (especially Garfagnana and Lunigiana) and Liguria . The Meeting Point serves on the one hand to gather present results of the project and to document and to push international projects which can originate from the Ministery of Favourite Songs.

Day 1 – Arrival & Preperations

Ministery Preparation Rehearsal ValenciaSleeps

Day 2- Meetings & Presentations

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Day 3- Moblie Office @ Piazza al Serchio

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EMFFS Mobile Office

EMFFS Mobile Office

Day 4 – Excursion to the Marble Mountains

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Day 5 – Final Meeting

El Ministerio


Historical background
Including some walks e.g. to the ancient pathes of the partisan resistance and excursions to memorial places the „Associazione Cillartenatura e Cultura“ invites artists, experts and interested international guests and combines it with the „European Ministery of Favourite Songs“ to a journey (23.08. till 2.9.2014 organized by Sinnstiftendes Reisen/Michael Weinmann) under the working title Pathes and (Music)-Peaces of memory.
The Apuan Alps, the Garfagnana is situated at the north-east slope of this mountain chain, which is better known as marble mountains, during the second world war were one of the most important regions of the restate of the partisans in Italy. Not by chance Carrara, the centre of the marble dismantling, was also a stronghold of the anarchism which bumped with the workers into fertile ground. In August/September 2014 will be the 70th aniversary of several incidents and political murder which were committed to partisans or civil population by the german „Waffen-SS“ in the apuan areas Garfagnana, Lunigiana and Massa Carrara in villages like Sant´Ana die Stazzema or Vinca. Also the fall of the „gothic line“ the last line of defence of „Deutsche Wehrmacht“ or the liberation of Lucca through allied troups happened 70 years ago then.

Regional musical research – German-Italian hit music

It exists an amount of Italian partisan songs and some of them describe especially several incidents in this area like „nuvole a Vinca“ from the Stormy six. Also the „Canto Maggio“ is a typical regional and traditional form of singing in this area. Traditionally its about political, cultural and religious events happened in the middle age. A special form of singing in this region was the „Canto
dei Caviatori“ a form of singing which is close to the singing of the cotton-pickers in the american south states.
Considered from another side: since 1950’s years Italy was the first country german citiziens are allowed and stayed their vacation. On the other hand italian citizens were one of the first foreign workers which came to post-war-germany but also, e.g., in Belgium for work in coalmines or factories. Our research will be about italian and german hit music, their relation to political decisions in WW II and not at least by the „hit“music, it came to an cultural exchange between the countries and created thus a common cultural value epecially in the 1950´s to beginning of 1980´s years as part of inner-european migration history. Music allows a time trip by common German- Italian, Italian-German even European history exemplarily for a period of about 40 years.


The Journey and the meeting Point taking up this political, cultural and historical aspects of music.
Different Lectures or Workshops:
– history of WW II and partisan resistance in the region (Marianne Wienemann/Nina Schulz)
– political songs in particular partisan’s songs (Nina Schulz/Michael Weinmann)
– German Italian , European (hit) music, a political and cultural migration (hi)story (Nina Mühlmann)
– Workshops / Lectures / Speeches of Ministery of Favourite Songs (Co-Organizers or Organizer)
Cultural events:
– a concert with Partisan songs (N.N.)
– a work out of the performance „TRACTOR FACTORY“ (Salomee Speelt, Noemi Schlosser)
– also we try to get contact to local musiscians to have some spontanious music sessions as a journey to regional and italian music „from canto maggio, canto partigiani to canto popolare“ e.g. by involving the „LIVING JUKE BOX“ of theatre playstation (David Chotjewitz and musiscians)
– N.N. (space for activities of MoFS or other cultural activities)

Walks / Excursions:
– walks and excursions to historical or memorial places like the villages of Sant´Ana di Stazema or Vinca (places of political murder and war crime), (Marianne Wienemann, Nina Schulz and contemporary witnesses)
– walks through Garfagnana, Apuan Alps and Appenin partially along former partisan pathes
with cultural, geographical, historical informations about garfagnana, tuscany and italy