Associazione Cillartenatura e Cultura, Tuscany

Associazione Cillartenatura e Cultura, Giuncugnano, Tuscany

The “Associazione Cillartenatura e Cultura” has to be seen in combination with the Agriturismo Cilla which is a former farm with a medieval structure of “palazzo”, “piazza” and several gently renovated former stables and lodgings of the farm workers. Nowadays it is used as touristical and cultural location placed in Giuncugnano/Province Lucca at the top of the Valley of Garfagnana lying between the Apuan Alps (Marble Mountains) and the Toscan-Emiglian-Appenin.

In the structures of Agritruismo Cilla are taking place several cultural events since 2006 like the creation of an educational route through some typical crops such as farro, chestnut, grain and a popular exhibition of ancient tools of agriculture.

In summer of 2011 Gianni Pellegrino, theater and film actor as well as artistic director of the Diamante Peperoncino Festival arranged an evening in Agritursimo Cilla with the tasting of typical products by running live jazz music and theater acts.

Since Summer 2009 in cooperation with the german travel organizer, geographer and cultural agent Michael Weinmann and german-italian singer and actor Fräulein Nina from Germany are organized vacancy trips in combination with different types of seminary like creative writing or cultural events like readings or concerts. The journeys have a character of educational trips combining walks along historical pathes like former medieval pilgrimage routes or partizan pathes with historical and cultural speeches.

Since May 2013 Associazione Cillartenatura e Cultura is Co-Organizer of EU-Funded Project “European Ministry of Favourite Songs”. Within this project the association will organize a meeting point under the title “pathes and (musical) peaces of memory”