Magpai Production Group, Murcia

 albatera klein

foto: miguelangel (c) 2007

Magpai Production Group, Murcia, Spain

Magpai Production Group was founded in 1998 by the choreographer, dancer and dance teacher Trinidad Martínez and the musician and composer Dayton Alleman. It is specifically directed towards people with difficult access to dance, music and theater among other disciplines.

Trinidad Martínez was born in 1974 in Cartagena, Spain. After her dance education in France she worked at different theatres in Germany and started an intensive collaboration with Antje Pfundner.

Trinidads dance and music productions have been shown at Kampnagel (Hamburg) and other German theatres, but also internationally, and have been chosen for international festivals several times.

Increasingly, her artistic direction develops interdisciplinary, mainly working with musicians; interculturally, she is constantly travelling (USA, Germany, Spain and France) and socially, by teaching and producing with people of different ages and social backgrounds.

Its activities are based in the realization of artistic and cultural projects with an intercultural, interdisciplinary and integrative base and/or character.