R.A.T. (Teatro dell’Acquario), Cosenza

Cooperative Centro R.A.T. was founded in 1976 and from 1987. It was recognized by Italian Culture Ministry as Experimental Theatre Group. We produce shows in the field of theatre research, shows for children and performances for no-conventional spaces (site-specific performaces) from 1976 to now. Our productions have a national and international distibution. Since 1982 R.A.T. founded the Teatro dell’Acquario, a theatre in which are hosted theatre, music and dance groups, Festivals, Conferences, Theatre pedagogy meetings.
Since 1999 we also have a school of theatre called C.I.F.A. (International Centre of Arts Formation), in which are organized professional course for actors and theatre technicians, annual workshops of theatre for young and children, annual course of phonetic and special workshops directed by theatre experts and artists in different field –for example: Living Theatre, Odin Theatret, Claudia Contin, Cèsar Brie, ect.

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