Salome Speelt, Antwerp

Salomee Speelt is a “mixed media” collective set up by Noémi Schlosser in 2004. Schlosser is a young theatre maker, who was taught by Ivo van Hove and Dora van der Groen in Antwerp’s Drama School (Belgium). She graduated in 2001. The idea for her company arose from the need to bring a variety of artistic milieus together: music, photography, film, installations and theater.

Salomee Speelt is very inspired by Russian Constructivism and the Russian avant-garde film. Different elements (images, music, film & text) are juxtaposed so that the viewer is forced actively to work, think and connect. The spectator is thus forced to create his or her own story.

For every presentation Noemi Schlosser seeks new actors, musicians, coaches, composers and designers. She does not want to let herself become pinned down by a fixed group of people.

Salomee Speelt makes no attempt to stick to any particular style, neither with respect to texts nor themes. The story is not necessarily told linear. Usually self written texts are inspired by historical events or literary masterpieces.

But the company also brings repertoire theater with an edge.

The three major themes are:

Questioning the place of the individual in society / observing the individual in the way he or she leads his or her life / picturing people in extraordinary circumstances.

Salomee Speelt is based in Antwerp, Belgium and supported by the Flemish Government and has performed around Europe, Israel, Morocco and the United States.