Ministery of Favorite Songs (EMFFS) is a transnational EU-Project organized by theatre playstation in Hamburg, in cooperation with 9 co-organisers in Spane, Italy, Croatia, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria. Outgoing from a collection of favorite songs and their connected memories and life experiences will be worked out partially in international cooperation at least 70 productions (performances and acts) which will be shown in the partner-countries. So some productions are coming from the bottom (worked out by interviews collected in the public offices of the EMMFS and supported by the project „Living Juke Box“-theatre playstation/Hamburg) and some from the top like a project about lullabies (Don HIHOT – Croatia) or partizan songs (Salome speelt – Belgium). Some productions will be shown in theatre and some will be played in public places and offices.

The EMFFS itself is a form of art to set a contrast to the „real existing“ complicated or hostile forms of burocracy. Within the project there is a lot of space of exchange, interaction, networking between the coorganising institutions and artists as well as between them and interested european citizens. Several festivals and „meeting points“ will be take place for example in Hamburg, Valencia and Tuscany/Italy. The duration of the project is from May 2013 to April 2015