The art director of BALL-ROOM-POP, Magdalena Chowaniec, started researching tools and resources like: dance, performance, gymnastics, weights lifting, classical ballet, partnering, singing and playing music, improvisation, sports, queer shows , TV Shows (X Factor, Idol, Starmania etc), Little Miss America a.o.

The Project is based on the fictional characters of Barbara, William, Frank and Frank Jr.

The first part will explore the physical partnership and the social relations of dance competitions in discours with the situation of contemporary world nowadays and will focus on the characters of Barbara (Magdalena Chowaniec) and William (Mathieu Grenier) – a competitive ballroom dancing couple.

The second part “I’m smiling with the inside” is a working process shared between Magdalena Chowaniec, another male dancer/singer and a teenage boy. Barbara, Frank and Junior search for their roots on the autobiographical and on a fictional level. In their meetings they let bring up all the real conflicts and similarities. They are discovering their childhood together. They remember a lot and they want to forget a lot.

They move, they talk, they sing, they laugh and they fight. They rap, they tap, they lift each other, love and beat each other.

They sing some obscene songs, they talk about incest, music, ballet, they create little musicals in their ‚kids’ room’. They compete and they ask themselves why does competition lies in the human nature?

The first part is going to be shown at the theater altonale in Hamburg, summer 2014. They already started to rehearse BALL-ROOM-POP part II on the 6th of January 2014.