MOPA – My Own Private Artist, Amsterdam

The idea of MOPA is to create an online network that connects performers and spectators in order to hook up for theatrical activities on intimate locations outside the traditional theatre space. The long-term vision for the MOPA is to become an ongoing, self-regulating system independent from institution and funding.

During 2013/2014 Dutch foundation Traum-A is working on the realization of the concept. By the end of 2014 a first version of the MOPA site will be launched in Amsterdam, accompanied by a Mopa community gathering in Theater frascati, Amsterdam. Then we will work on spreading the netwerk further in the Netherlands and abroad.


Today we artists have to face the fact that less and less people find their way into the “real” theatre. How can we motivate people to see our work? How can we continue to earn money with our art, using the possibilities of modern communication? The MOPA is an attempt to establish an alternative form of theatre as a multiplicity of independent decentralized meeting spaces connected through a digital network. It applies structures of modern social networks to establish this theatre.

The MOPA’s main function is social, and quite similar to the function of ancient theatre: To provide and organize spaces for collectively shared experiences through observation. The physical structure of these theatre spaces is essentially contemporary: a branched wide cluster of intimate, partially even private meeting spaces throughout the city, connected by a virtual network.

Our partners in realizing MOPA are Dansmakers – the production house for dance in Amsterdam, Mediamatic and Theater Frascati.

The MOPA is part of the international project European Ministry of Favourite Songs (EMFFS), funded by EACEA. As part of this EMFFS activity, during a few weeks by the end of 2014  MOPA will host a series of site-specific performances with a special focus on  the themes cultural heritage, popular music and bureaucracy. These pieces will be developed in collaboration with the international EMFFS partners.

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