Sala de Espera, Murcia

Sala de Espera – Movement and dance performance for and from public waiting rooms

Interviews of people waiting will be the inspirational source of the show. The creation of the work will be based on this material. “SALA DE ESPERA” is made between the performers and the audience.
The voices of people speaking will be the main track of the musical composition.

Video art-documentary of the performances: Audience reactions and dancers.

Production: Magpai Production Group (Asociación Cultural)

Concept: Trinidad Martínez

Direction and choreography: Trinidad Martínez (in collaboration with the artists)

Composition and recordings: Carlos Sandoval

Video documentary: María Cerón

Performance and choreography: Manuel Sánchez Guerrero, Markus Hoft, Marisa Brugarolas, Ingo Reulecke and Trinidad Martínez.

Con la colaboración del Centro Párraga, el Quirófano and Inesperadamente