Telling Songs, Cosenza

telling songs2 littleThe show tells of Italy in a period before and after the great conflict through songs. The figure of the fisherman and baker Fernando, defined “the mountain” because of his size, is the chance for the storyteller to narrate memories and stories using the popular music. The dia-accordeon sound goes with the story and create the atmosphere of a traditional landscape where appear Pulcinella also with his struggles, his dreams and his nightmares. The result is a funny performance that researchs into the possible interactions between puppetry and actor techniques, with hues grotesque and sometimes melancholy.

Language: Italian – English
Audience age: for all

Opening 7-8 July, h. 21:00 Teatro dell’Acquario – Cosenza

August 2014, TAM – Festival dei Teatri Mediterranei – Formia (LT)
January 2015 HAMBURG
Febrary 2015 VALENCIA
Coop. Centro R.A.T. Teatro dell’Acquario (Cosenza)
In the project European Ministry For Favourite Songs
Funded by Culture Program – Europe Union