Who stole my lullaby, Zagreb

Redateljica Lana kao Zabica

Occasionally, on one day our frog discovers that somebody has stolen her precious lullaby from her. So she decides to depart on a journey abroad to find it back. Her quest leads her along Italy, Spain and afterwards to the Netherland, Belgium and to Germany and Austria. But in each of these countries, our frog discovers different types of lullabies, which will literally make her jump into different situations. As for example, during her stay in Spain she finds herself in a Corrida and a Flamenco.

‘Who stole my lullaby’ is an educational play for children that will show how funny and exciting it can be to travel and to discover different cultures.


writer, director, actor and producer: Lana Bitenc | actor: Kristijan Krezic | costume designer: Iva Simunovic | music: Hrvoje Hermanovic | director assistant: Valerija Andjelkovic  | light designer: Zdenko Trandler | PR manager: Vera Bitenc