Miss Lana Bitenc – Minister for Lullabies

Ministerin_Lana_BitencMusical Vita – Interview by Trinidad Martinez, Minister for Waitingrooms.

“Lana, what is the first song that you remember?”

–        It is a song about a rabbit, he falls into a small river and bad things happen to him. It´s a sad song and even now when I hear it, I start crying. As a child, if when the song came in the radio, while eating with the family, they had to change it because I will start crying.

” What happens to the rabbit?”

–        Something like… the rabbit cries because he cannot see the river, it is covered with snow. He is crying from all his heart. The melody is sad and he was a lonely rabbit. Then, my family bought me a rabbit. I played with him and he ate flowers in the garden. I was about 12

“That it is bit old to play with a rabbit Ms Froggy, don’t you think?”

–        My rabbit was white and its name was Zweki. He was really big (he makes a big circle with the arms), 3 kilos and a half. When my grandma was angry, she will menace me with barbecuing him.

“Can you sing it? (she sings) no, no!!! Ms Froggy, please don’t cry!!!! What is the name of the frog song? Oh sorry! The rabbit song!”

–      “Zeko I potocic”

“Which one did you listen to during puberty time?”

–        Croatian Pop Rock. … “Da te ne volim“

I like the words because I felt in love with a guy and he didn’t care about me. The lyrics were: “If I don’t love you it will be easier to live”, which helped me to feel a bit relieved. I will sing together with my female friends, because they were in the same situation than me. So we went at night on the street and sing it. The leader singer was a woman. For us it was funny to see the band with the 80s clothes. With large bottom trousers and shirts with flowers

“Wait, but these are the 70s.”

–        Well, in Croatia, we are always a bit behind.
Then my parents wanted to move to Spain, so we sang la “Isla Bonita”  from Madonna

and “Que viva España”

and “Tu y yo” from Eurovision.

Then during my studies, on a trip to Greece, I felf in love with Dimitrios. He sang to me on the ship from Venice to Patras, “Maria me ta kitrina” (Maria has a yellow dress). It was love at the first sight. He came to Croatia to visit me in a white Mercedes, carrying 40 red roses. Later I left the University and went to live with him in Athens.

–        At the moment I listen to “Brother Louie” from Modern Talking.

I like to dance to it while I am naked, when I just wake up, in this way I don’t need a coffee. I like to look at the hansom smart faces, with a sensitive look, long hair and emotional lips. It makes me feel also sexy. I am thankful that they make me feel sexy to start the day. I think they are gay, but it doesn’t matter. Yes this is like my morning ritual, my day becomes sexy.