Miss Magdalena Chowaniec – Minister for Consumer Protection and Postpunk

Ministerin_Magdalena_ChowaniecMiss Magdalena Chowaniec – Minister for Consumer Protection and Postpunk

Musical Vita

Magdalena’ s first memory of a real Hit, was a popular Lambada from 1989. She loved to dance to it and she loved the video clip which brought many colors to the socialist polish reality.

Just a year later, she has discovered New Kids on The Block, an American boys band and she fell in love with Jordan instantly, while her cousin had a total crush on Danny. Magdalena had even a few erotic fantasies involving Jordan as a doctor, her catholic upbringing made her feel not too good about it

At that time, she has also bought her first tapes from a street market in Zakopane during the school excursion. These were Queen Live at Wimbledon and “Bad” of Michael Jackson.
Around 1996, Magdalena, age of 13 entered her so – called Rock Phase. She listened to many polish rock band which were pretty awesome. Some of her favorite bands include WILKI with Robert Gawlinski “Trzy noce z deszczem” – quite a kitchy number about a guy left by his beloved, crying three nights long with the rain and painting a cross with his blood on his chest, as well as band HEY and a song f.ex. Dreams which speaks of a father abusing his daughter which Magdalena didn’ t really get back then.

When Magdalena was around 14, 15 , she had this great friend from the neighbor block, Peter. Peter who was 4 years older then Magdalena, was really into music and played guitar himself. He started to introduce her to bands like Iron Maiden, Nirvana, Soundgarden and polish Dzem by creating compilations on tapes with self designed covers.

With 16 Magdalena started to attend rock parties for youth on Friday eve in 44Club. They run always from 5 pm till 10 pm and her and her best friend Asia, were picked up by Asia’s mother at 10pm, latest at 11pm. There she got really into polish and english/american rock, punk and metal music. Her usual outfit were short jeans and doc Martens in summer and long jeans and doc Martens in winter. Back then, Poland had fantastic rock and punk scene with many great festivals and concerts. We all sang along around the fire place at the camping next to our tents. “I am really happy, I could grow up in this times, with such kind of music”.

One of the most important bands from this period is definitely Kult which has a cult status in Poland. “With their political and socially critical texts, Kazik – the leader of the band became a hero to many of us.He is someone I admire until today”.

In 2009, Magdalena created a punk performance about a fictive punk band called The Mob and since 2011 the performance project became also a real band – The Mob Fixing Freedom. One of our songs:

And one of her favorite songs