Miss Noemi Schlosser – Minister for Defense, Klezmer and Partisan Songs

Ministerin_Noemi_SchlosserMiss Noemi Schlosser – Minister for Defense, Klezmer and Partisan Songs

Musical Vita

Childhood: Womack & Womack “Teardrops”

In the supermarket, I hear for the first time something that doesn’t come from my parents vinyl collection, I start dancing in front of the cheese department. I remember the tiles on the ground… I did imagine, that just like Michael Jacksons video they might light up as well…or am I mixing memories?

Pre-teen: Moshe Leisers Yiddish songs, “Tendresses et rage ‘especially, the song , “Zog nit kein mal”

The song of the Warsaw Ghetto fighters. It lit a fire in me, very deep. I couldn’t find his version online, so this one… I m not Minister of Klezmer and partisan songs without cause 😉

Teenager: Nirvana Smells like Teen spirit

And that was when I entered highschool and thought that everything was possible and that I was grown up. When I hear the song I instantly go back to that feeling of freedom I had age 13. Such a liberation. And yes… I did have a little grunge thing going and a crush on Dave Grohl…my mother was all for it… I had stolen her Jamiroquai indian vest and was wearing it over a 50 cent jeans salopette I had bought in a thrift shop with my best friend.

Drama school: The Alban Berg Quartet playing the Beethoven string Quartets

There was a time that I was very unhappy emotionally and physically. My director gave me the complete String Quartets from Beethoven (7CD box) and to be honest, I don’t remember a lot of some months between 2000 and 2001. I only recognize that I have been listening to this music non stop.

First production with my company: Charlie Mingus Moaning

Used it as the returning music in my first creation with my company Salomee Speelt in 2004 ‘Le bel indifferent’ Cocteau, in the Antwerp Central trainstation.

When my mother died: Ma preference à moi, Julien Clerc

I honestly still cant listen to it without starting to cry

When I received my workvisa to the USA: Beyonce Countdown

I start dancing from the moment I hear it. I’m seeing Brooklyn bridge, designing cardboards with ‘99% wont date me, are you my 1%’ on it, to have a marketing stunt on Occupy Wallstreet for my American opening of DATE ME! in Chicago. 2011-12, the year my life made sense again since my mothers death.

Last big musical memory: the creation of Mozarts Don Giovanni with the Ministry of Operatic Affairs

And this year we will create Orfeo and Euridice! Can’t wait to be able to whistle that complete opera as well… because yes, I can whistle Don Giovanni from the ouverture till the last note!